Micro Air

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Micro Air Bubble Toner

The unique micro air foam texture carries the essential ingredients and effectively penetrates deep into the skin without leaving the skin greasy and sticky. Compared with water-based toner, foam-based toner allows quicker and more effective absorption.

(One pump is enough to cover the entire face, very cost-effective.) 

*Emergency Beauty Regime: Dispense bubble toner onto a cotton pad and gently place them on areas of your skin that need extra moisture to immediately increase skin’s hydration levels.


Combination of your Cleanser and Moisturizer

This toner is a combination of your cleanser and moisturizer, allowing two-in-one function of thorough cleansing and simultaneously moisturizing. The toner can penetrate the pores to remove any last bit of dirt and excess debris, while quickly replenishing moisture to the skin, leaving skin to look translucent and radiant from the inside out, revitalizing dull and lacklustre skin.

Intense Hydration and Brightening ALL IN ONE

The multi-plant extracts in this ALL IN ONE toner offer intense hydration, brightening over time, and helps soothe and smooth the appearance of a healthy complexion. The toner features beetroot and dryland sage extract that works wonderfully in retaining moisture and maintaining the look of plump and soft skin; while mirabilite, aloe vera extract and bisabolol can soothing skin discomfort while reducing inflammation and redness; the rice bran extract not only delivering the moisture your skin requires, but also able to reduce dullness and pigmentation.


How to use

After cleansing, pump half pump of the product and massage it onto the skin.
Tips!! Bouncy bubbles do not flow down the skin so it can be pumped directly onto the skin.


MicroAir Bubble Usage Tips


  1. Use the bubble toner with cotton pad, gently wipe the skin from the inner to outer part of the face at first.
  2. Use the fingers to spread the product and let it absorb next .

Repeat the above steps 3 times to present more moist and glossy skin.
Do it twice in a week. (For countries that have 4 seasons can repeat the above steps 6 times) 


  1. Pump the bubble toner on the skin and massage with fingers gently in rolling motions
  2. Pressing the skin gently for few seconds and the natural heat of the hands will help the toner to absorb better into the skin.

Cotton pad

  1. Pump the bubble toner on a cotton pad and leave it on the skin for 15min.
  2. Let the left over toner absorb by rolling gently.

As body lotion

Pump and apply all over the body right after you jump out from your shower.

Against Animal Testing
Vegan products
nature ingredient
Safe for pregnant & kids

Why Lanesra?

No alcohol, no A acid

No MI, MCI (preservative)

No artificial colourants

No mineral oil

No petrochemical ingredients

No formaldehyde, mercury

No genetically modified ingredients

No hormones

No anti-tissue agents

Steroid free

Parabens free

Microbial bacteria free

Plasticizer free

Phosphate free

SLS, SLES surfactants free

Product Ingredients

  • Allantoin
    Skin soothing ingredient, Allantoin is added to calm and alleviate any irritations that dehydrated and sensitive skin may experience. It enhances self-healing power and improves skin conditions.
    It provides a soothing, healing and mild bacteriostatic effect useful in the treatment of
    injured skin and ulcerative lesions.

    Aloe Extract
    It can help wound healing, anti-inflammatory and sooth any discomfort.

    (Mirabilis Jalapa Extract)

    It is active ingredient from plants and suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to eliminating skin discomforts and redness significantly, it can improve the elasticity of skin and provide long-term protection for sensitive skin.

    Extracted from Candeia tree, non-synthetic, it has calming, soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Also, it’s a small molecular weight so can easily penetrate into skin, easy to absorb.